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Burning Wheel : Burning Beards, part 1
The inception and introductory scenes for a trio of vertically challenged heroes: an obsessive brewmeister, a loyal young ax bearer, and an ambitious prince.

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SOTC: The Manchester Mystery Part 4

Daniel returns and we reach the thrilling conclusion as the Centurions' investigations have attracted the attentions of mysterious forces.

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Another Manchester goes missing and the investigators look to finish off the Jarrett gang.

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The centurions continue their investigation. Will the mystery claim another victim?

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It’s been five years since the Freeport Guard was divided between the Sea Lord Guards and the Watch. Between the trustworthy, loyal soldiers dedicated to keep the Sea Lord safe, and the corrupt, untrustworthy troops that are now charged with keeping the very laws they regularly break. Well, did break. Sometimes break. You get the drift.

You’re one of Commissioner Holliver’s special squad of investigative Watchmen. This morning, Her Sea Lordship, Marilise Maeorgan received a surprise this morning by the main gate of her palace. She received a severed ring finger in a pickle jar. Pickled no less. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except that this looks like the calling card of a continental crime syndicate known as the Finger of Baggins.

On top of that, 2 watch captains have disappeared and the Halfling Benevolent Association has closed its doors. Guess what? It’s your job to solve this one and find out what’s going on.

Good luck, you're gonna need it.

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Here's part one of the Spirit of the Century Manchester Mystery.  Enjoy!

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Mutant Dark one shot

Treat your ears to the every cheap and cheesy 80s dark future cyberpunk action-thriller film variety of Cthulhu Dark. Implanted humans, warped mutants and sensitive androids. Fake names and flying cars. Sundry criminals and the choices which damn them. Boot up and enjoy the madness.

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Hardwired Hinterland
Episode 5: The Fight of the Century!

Last we heard, the Mighty Lance "Snapper" Hansen was approaching his doom... err next bout with that ape of apes, Bobo the Orangutan! Will he rip off Hansen's arms? What about Sacha and his bauble? What about the Pirates? What about listening to this episode!

Sit back and enjoy Episode 5: The Fight of the Century!

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Wilhelm GM’s a FATE based game of sword & sorcery mayhem. A waify Oracle and her two-faced Hellhound, weary from their sojourns. A mystic giant-man given murderous purpose by vengeful spirits. A clockwork homunculus (of irregular size and main) driven by hate for his maker. A priest of Habzm (the city), writhing in the wealth of ecclesiastic corruption. Hearts were ripped from breasts, lewd suggestions were issued at leisure, abysmal transformations multitudinous as evening bells tolled and the final fate of Habzm was writ in a suzerain's blood.

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Hardwired Hinterland 04

Last time, The Mighty Hansen scoped out his potential sparring partner, Bobo the Orangutang. So far, the money is on the monkey, but we’ll see how that goes.

Afterwords, the crew flew to Pirate Island,(Yes, that’s its name), and made contact with the primary broker of procured goods, George, the Orangutang. They found out that El Terrible had already purchased supplies from him and has headed for parts unknown. But they did share that El Terrible sold Sacha Rodriguez a coconut sized lightening crystal. Something that is worth thousands of New Akron dollars.

Sadly, the word has gotten out about it, and pirates are now on the move to find the treasure. That also means King Anson will probably hear about this as well. One wonders where the pirate had gotten it from. Well, one of El Terrible’s men was wounded on his way to his plane, and he’s now recuperating at King Louie’s Bar & Grill. What does he know? And will he tell our stalwart heroes? Will the Might Hansen make a monkey of Bobo? Will Dr. Quest ever figure out this crazy universe?

Tune in and find out in our episode:

Hardwired Hinterland: Primates and Pirates! Yarr!

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